The Dixie Dove

October 9, 2016

Trump "If they make me release my tax returns I'll grab her by the pussy"


  1. Right. Saying "grab her pussy" is much worse than declaring a dream of open borders, being responsible for 4 dead in Benghazi, breaking the law and releasing classified material to the world, lying to America, promising to flood America with more illegals and muslims, raising taxes even more, declaring that you hate ordinary Americans and accepting millions from countries like Saudi Arabia. Oh, and "resetting" our relationship with Russia that worked so well.

    Not to mention the corruption while she was Secretary of State ... accepting millions from shady people and granting them access and favors.

    Yep, saying "grab her pussy" 11 years ago is much worse. Thank God you're able to think so clearly. If not for you this country may have a chance to return to freedom but clear thinkers like you will surely put an end to that.

    I don't know how you do it, you must be some kind of seer or political genius.