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October 28, 2016

FBI Hillary E-Mails Weiner

This will turn out to be a BIG NOTHING. It was Weiner's phone Huma was borrowing. After the countless e-mails that have been analyzed by the FBI turning up no 'dirt on Hillary' there is no real chance that this pittance will lead to anything. The ony reason FBI director Comey made an announcement is that he is a Republican who probably is considering running for public office and he is trying to look tough to make up for not being able to indict Hillary in the 1st place.

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  1. The FBI found 110 classified emails ranging from Top Secret to Classified. Clinton and her henchmen destroyed 13 electronic devices and deleted 33,000 emails AFTER an order was issued by Congress to preserve.

    The fact that the FBI chose not to go after her was simply political. Released Wikileak emails from Podesta show Obama knew of her private server and had used it to correspond with her ... he told the media he knew nothing about it.

    Other emails show willful destruction of evidence and attempts to deceive.

    She should have been indicted to begin with. I have no idea if Comey finally decided to do the right thing or if this is an attempt to protect Obama.

    Regardless of the reason she is in fact guilty. Remember, the DOJ does not have charge anyone. The decision to charge is completely up to the Attorney General. You can butcher people right in front of her and if she decides not to go after you there is no law that says she must. It is completely up to Lynch.