The Dixie Dove

September 6, 2016

Vote Trump, vote death.

Make no mistake. Vladimir Putin and Russia and China all want Trump as the US president. They know that this ego-maniacal nut-job will follow through on his veiled promise to bomb Iran. That will lead to WWIII and China and Russia will take Hawaii and much of Western Europe....

Vote Trump, vote death.

It's been a national tragedy since Bush Sr. (HW Bush) attacked Iraq, 'If it bleeds it leads' so to speak. The US media really 'got off' (ratings-wise) on the 'shock and awe' of the fancy hi-tech war footage in Iraq I and Iraq II. Now again, rather than report on the truth behind a story the US media is just bathing in the ratings of showing an old white bigot on an ego-trip. I guess they will just keep 'following the money' into a Trump presidency and WWIII.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry. You voted for Obama who unleashed Islam in the Middle East and the world. You voted for Obama who has given Iran billions and the green light to acquire nuclear weapons. You voted for Obama who along with other western leaders is fomenting Islamic terror around the world. You voted for Obama whose intentional degradation of our military and "foreign policy" allowed Russian and Chinese leaders to pursue aggressive expansionist policies without fear of the paper tiger Obama turned the US into.

    Isn't it about time you snapped out of your propaganda induced delusion? Are you that mentally weak that the left can control what you think by mere suggestion? Have they really turned your brain off?