The Dixie Dove

September 27, 2016

Clinton Trumps Trump!

The entire debate was like a beautiful symphony washing over my troubled mind on a gentle cool breeze. A symphony where an angry old disgruntled Trump was confused baffled and badly beaten by the only smart woman he has ever had a conversation with in his entire life.

I could almost see the prison bars in front of Trump, the prison bars in his mind that forced him to stay on a stage behind a podium that was the last place outside of hell that he wanted to be.

The man who loves to fire people and march to his own drummer, handcuffed by a Black man and a White woman and forced to answer THEIR questions and face OUR judgement. It was a FAIL of epic proportions and every single person who saw it knows it. Sure his supporters won't admit it and will still vote for him, because after all, he's a hateful bigot and so are they. BUT every single undecided voter who saw this debate will be early voting for Hillary Clinton.

So long Donald. I expect for you to pull out of the next debate and be forever renamed DONALD DUCK!


  1. I'm always fascinated by the weak minded, selfish individuals like you that cheer for the destruction of your own country.

    Be warned: If the left wins they will rapidly increase their power and within twenty years jail and execute everyone who stands in their way. They will use the millions of illegals and muslims that they're bringing here. The left is teaching all non-whites to hate and despise white people, and that they should be killed if they do not display the right ideology and say the right words. Leftists are inherently brutal and will unleash their brutality on America (See any leftist regime throughout history and yes, Hitler was a leftist).

    This is not a battle of democrat vs Republican, it is a battle between good and evil. The left have always been soldiers of Lucifer. They want to crush Christianity and Judaism and are tired of waiting. They will do it by force. Understand this ... the left has sided with Islam in it's efforts to destroy anything Judeo-Christian. You WILL be forced to submit to Islam or you will either starve or die.

    Wake up.

    1. Trump is Hitler reincarnated.
      Great polling news here in CO.
      Hillary had been way up a few months ago, but then back to even.... and then gaining again, and today this poll just taken has her up 13!

    2. You're an idiot. The left has begun to show it's true self during the dictatorship of Obama yet you continue to stick your pointed little head in the sand and repeat communist talking points out your ass.

      You literally have no idea what's in store if the left gains complete power in this country. Idiots lapping up the left's propaganda is what the left counts on.

      Your understanding of the left, and evil in general is woefully lacking. The left is doing the same thing here they did is Germany, in Russia, China, Cuba and every other country they spread their sickness ... only you're too stupid to see it even when it's right in front of your face.

      The left (aka democrats) are anti-God, anti-individual, anti-freedom and consumed with the quest for power. You and me mean absolutely nothing to them. They use idiots like you, gays, women, blacks and other "minorities" who are too stupid to understand they're being used. Once the left's goals are attained guess what? You'll have no more value and they don't need you to retain power. They'll do it at the point of a gun.

      The only thing that's held them back during Obama's dictatorship is the fact no other country in history has had a populace so well armed. If not for that it would have been over long ago. That's why the left is so hot to disarm Americans. They let black kill each other all day long, they could care less because it just means there will be fewer for them to kill later. It's the armed law abiding American they're worried about.

      Let me put it to you this way. The colonists tried for decades to reconcile disagreements with the English Crown. Many things pissed them off ... but when the British tried to confiscate their firearms ... that's when the Revolutionary War began.

      Read the history of the left. Those who know it see it happening once again here in the US.