The Dixie Dove

August 5, 2016

Trump is formally over as of now.

No one who watches his entire speech from tonight will vote for Donald Trump.

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  1. Ten of thousands of people have been killed by illegals. Many raped.

    The jobs lost by Americans to illegals and foreign HB-1 visas is in the millions.

    Muslims are flooding into America, creating the very same climate that is killing Europe today.

    People are poorer, and they're sick to death of government forcing it's far left and globalist agenda upon them.

    People simply feel unsafe anywhere they go today. Obama has whipped blacks into a frenzy while ignoring the black on black slaughter in the cities created by democrats. Blacks are attacking cops, whites and demand more free shit on top of the thousands of programs designed specifically to help them, and the blatant racist policies of giving them preference in jobs and schools.

    The only people voting democrat will be the communists, or the people too stupid to understand they've been physiologically conditioned over decades to accept the demise of the US.

    Political correctness has been used successfully here and in Europe to get people to voluntarily destroy their own nations.

    Any idiot who believes that allowing foreigners to come here and take jobs, kill people, rape women and children and impose their ideology known as "Islam" is stupid. Anyone who actually thinks Clinton and the media have their best interest in mind is stupid.

    That's all there is to it.