The Dixie Dove

August 14, 2016

Trump does America A Favor

Donald Trump's entire campaign has been based on the ideas espoused for 20 years by conservative talk radio hosts like, Limbaugh, Hannity, etcetera.

This election will finally put to the test the falsehoods and ignorance of these far right radio hosts.

Thank you Donald Trump.


  1. Trump explains his products being made overseas by saying he will 'change the rules' but what about his bankruptcies?
    No rules change there.

  2. What falsehoods and ignorance?

    You're the moron that has been duped by leftist propaganda. Duped into hating yourself, allowing leftists to get rich and gain enormous power, duped into believing that muslims and millions of illegals are good for this country and that God should be replaced by government.

    You've bought their propaganda hook, line and sinker. You'll be the one responsible for the inevitable collapse of the west and the death of millions ... probably billions, why the left gains the total power it so desperately craves.