The Dixie Dove

July 25, 2016

Small Penis Trump

Small Penis Trump is being helped by Russian Hackers who stole  the DNC e-mails.

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  1. See how easy it is to control simple minds like yours? All the media has to do is say something and you automatically believe it.

    The democrats could shit down your throat and if they told you it's good for you you'd ask for more.

    Let me help you out here. The democrats don't want to discuss the content of the emails. They want them to go away, so they get their accomplices in the media to plant a false story, get "experts" to say the same thing, and get the FBI (the very same ones who cleared Clinton) to say they're investigating.

    It's designed to get YOUR tiny brain off the emails on onto something else. They use something so outrageous that you believe it's true.

    This is how they've worked for decades.

    Of course you won't believe me, you'll believe the bitch who lied to the entire nation.