The Dixie Dove

July 29, 2016

Apology from a Racist Golf Fan

I just realized that as a fan of golf and a player who loves it I have been racially insensitive to the racial divide of golf. There is only one AfrAmerican player on the PGA tour today and his name is not Tiger.
Harold Varner III is the only 'active' AfrAmerican on the men's PGA tour today.
That is a crying shame. Because you know, all it amounts to is access. People of all races find golf expensive and exclusive, but folks of lower incomes can't touch it.
I believe that the PGA needs to do TEN TIMES MORE to make golf affordable for minority and low-income youth. And I will go so far to say that the US government should chip in too.
Because golf is a uniquely civilized sport. It is almost designed to make friends out of strangers. And that is something our nation and our world needs. The land taken up by golf courses is 'all green' good natural growth adding oxygen to our environment. Golf courses are 'parks' that should be expanded and enjoyed by all.


  1. Wow! What a racist you are. I guess you think blacks can't do anything without the white man's help.

    Chip Shirley: "Oh! Look at those poor blacks! Let's make excuses for them and never ask them to strive for excellence. Let's pamper and coddle them because they just can't do anything on their own! They need us white people to help them"!

  2. If democrats were really concerned about blacks they'd leave them the hell alone. The state of the black community is a direct result of decades of democrat policies and governance. States and cities under years of democrat control are the worst for blacks. Detroit? Chicago? Baltimore?

    By coddling and under educating blacks, and filling their heads with the idea that everything that happens to them is the fault of the white man, the democrats have created generations of people who take no responsibility for themselves, the children they bear or the communities they live in. Why should they? Everything is the white mans's fault! How convenient!

    Look at you ... "Man, not enough blacks are playing golf! We need the government to make it free for them to play"! If they play poorly institute "fairness" policies them give them the edge over everyone else! Just like they do for school, jobs and business!

    Add the morally decrepit rap music and Hollywood teaching blacks that screwing, drugs, drinking, murder and theft is the way to go and voila! You have a community in shambles.

    There's a reason blacks commit most of the violent crime in America. There's a reason the communities they live in are shitholes. It's called "democrats".

    Instead of asking blacks to be their best they kill them with socialism and use them as political tools to divide the nation. Of course you're cool with that.