The Dixie Dove

May 5, 2016

Trump is a Doomed President

      No president can do much without congress. 

      Obama-care was done WITH congress. 

      Our system is set up to Not Allow a president to be king. Trump can't ban Muslims or ban abortion without congress. 

      Trump could stop our new Cuba relations, but he won't and he's never talked about it. He could ban Pot in states where it is legal, but he won't and said he won't. 

      Trump can't build 'the wall' without congress....He's all talk and Congress won't play.

      How many members of congress or candidates for congress are supporting Trump? 2, 3?

      The Trump Presidency is doomed from the start. 

1 comment:

  1. Au contraire herr Shirley. Obama passed most of his agenda with executive orders and departmental regulation. Now thanks to the precedent set, Trump can do the same thing. Obama also ignored laws, and changed laws without Congress. Thanks Obama for showing us how to undo what you've done!