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February 3, 2016

Trump PostMortem

Not to not brag, but I was saying Trump had lost Iowa as soon as the Iowa debate finished with Trump a 'no-show'.

There is no worse move he could have made. Even if he had gone to the debate and cursed out Megyn Kelly (even if he had used rude and foul language to react to any questions she posed that he disliked) Trump would have still fared much better for showing up.
How can 'the toughest candidate on the stage' skip a debate because a 'beautiful smart woman from FOX News' is asking him 'unfair questions'.
That was the moment that the bully was shown to be a coward. A coward who turned his back on Iowans rather than face the challenge of a challenging interview.
This was the same kind of crash that Howard Dean experienced in Iowa, but it wasn't Dean's Scream that did him in. Many forget that one week before the IA Caucuses a tape came out of Howard Dean being interviewed on a Canadian TV show and he said, roughly this...
-'The Iowa Caucuses are a joke. They represent a very small number of people and the caucus voting system is eccentric and the state is simply not reflective of the nation as a whole'.-

A week or so later when the voting occurred Dean had dropped from a commanding 1st place lead in the polls, to 3rd place in reality. That is when Dean 'screamed' at his rally after the vote. Understandably. He realized he'd just lost the nomination.

I personally hope Trump's decline continues on, as Dean's did.

I'm a Liberal, but frankly I do not fear the Nixon-Like Ted Cruz as much as the amorphous Trump. I prefer the devil I know over the devil I don't. I know where I disagree and disagree with Ted Cruz, but with Trump, I have no idea what he will say and do next, because I know he will say anything and I fear he might do the same. Cruz is extreme, Trump is crazy.

[By the way, this is the only account I could find of Howard Dean's infamous interview on Canadian Television whereby he dissed the Iowa Caucus and thereby lost in Iowa. ]

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