The Dixie Dove

December 24, 2015

Trump must be TRUMPED

We're going through some odd times here, right? RIGHT.
Trump is cranking our hatred of each other to new and sad proportions, in my opinion.
We can be at odds, in the USA, but does that mean we must decide to kill one another? In essence Trump is hinting at that. Am I wrong?
He jokes about killing journalists and seems to want to place all Muslims in the same category, AS EVIL, even thought 99% of them are peaceful, law abiding citizens.
I know that it is considered ridiculous (normally) to refer to HITLER in reference to anyone but Hitler, but I honestly and lovingly, in the name of Jesus Christ and George Washington, believe that Donald TRUMP is a New Hitler Among Us.
Republicans MUST pick a new Leader in the name and the inspiration of American Democracy.
I know it is attractive and EASY to follow a candidate who offers simple and BRUTAL solutions to all of our problems, but Trump is a kid who was a spoiled brat and inherited all of his wealth and power from a hard working father who DID NOT SHARE ANY OF HIS VIEWS, and he is not a person to put any faith with.
Trump must be TRUMPED.


  1. Why do you put muslim immigrants and illegal aliens over America and American citizens?