The Dixie Dove

December 16, 2015

Five Reasons Star Wars is Dumb

1. Star Wars is and has always been a simple shallow soap opera/old fashioned cowboy movie set in outer space.
2. Though primarily set in outer space the movie never addresses the issue of zero gravity 'weightlessness' AT ALL!
3. Light Sabre's are truly the dumbest weapon in the universe. Incredible technology is used to create a weapon that is no more useful than a sharp sword. The cheapest pistol in the world is a far more dangerous/useful weapon than a Light Sabre.
4. All of the non-robotic creatures look like they are wearing costumes made by the Muppet Show, which was also Dumb.
5. Like the Muppet Show, Star Wars is written on a level appropriate for 4 year olds and 'no', it does not operate on a higher parallel level. The fact that it is wildly popular with adults is one sign and side effect of the decay of modern civilization.

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