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September 9, 2015

My Parents Were Born On TV

Born as a couple, so to speak...on The Screen! ACTUALLY MARRIED ON CAMERA!

The Network TV Show was called Bride and Groom.

My mother June sent the show a letter describing the young engaged couple.

As I understand it, she presented my dad Jim and herself, honestly as a happy Southern couple. He was a Football Player at Clemson, She a Southern Belle. [Well played, Momma-June].

They were invited to come to NYC and be on the Bride and Groom network television show. And they did, and they took a good bit of family up on the show's bill. Anyway, it's pretty cool and I have no doubt that somehow this made me love the screen....
Here is a link to a site about the show and a great picture of my Momma and Daddy, June and Jim...

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