The Dixie Dove

September 1, 2015



I must say, whomsoever is doing Hillary's strategizing is doing a FANTASTIC J O B.

The only thing between Hill' and the WH is Bill- and the Press and the Other Side are nullifying him by focusing on a scandal non scandal.

When she finally ashes this issue 'they' will scream BILL and Hill' will say...

 'America is tired of your shit.'

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  1. So apparently you think foreign governments having access to classified material ... including top secret and satellite information is a "non-scandal".

    What about the fact that foreign governments and businesses donated millions to her "foundation" during her tenure as SOS and subsequently received favorable treatment ... such as selling half of America's uranium assets to a Russian businessman who gave her $150 million?

    A non-scandal as well?

    Face it ... you're simply one of millions of propagandized fools who are stupid enough to believe the bullshit.