The Dixie Dove

September 30, 2015

Black Majority in Mississippi

African Americans now makeup 37 percent of the Miss Population. That's the highest in the USA for any state and they are surrounded by many states with similar demographics.

Liberals who are fed up with the 'Conservative South' could stage a migration strategy to gain control of the political structure of the State of Mississippi.

1 comment:

  1. Liberals aren't fed up with the "conservative south" ... they're fleeing to red states in record numbers because democrats have destroyed blue states with their massive illegal immigration strategies and psychotic leftist and environmental policies. Not to mention the staggering burden they put on businesses through taxes and draconian laws.

    Instead of welcoming these liberals blacks should prevent them from moving to red states. Psychotic liberals will only do to red states what they've done to blue states ... destroy them.