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July 18, 2015

I White Guy

The Drug War is a Racist Invention to put people of color back into slavery aka prison.

Ever since Nixon started the War on Drugs it has meant White people get probation and Black people get 20 Years to Life in prison for non-violent drug offenses.

20 years ago, I White Guy, was caught with 4 other Whites smoking pot on the campus of the University of Georgia. Campus Police swarmed us in a wooded area, I threw the pipe and weed. They only arrested me and when I finally got to trial (with a good White Lawyer) the judge called us to his podium for a 'private talk'. Judge looked me in the eye and said (he spoke quietly so the audience couldn't hear) 'Mr. Shirley, you can plead guilty to drug possession on a college campus with a $1000 fine and have that on your permanent record, OR, you can plead guilty to LITTERING and pay a $2000 fine and that is all that will appear on your record.' I chose the latter.

I have no doubt that if we had been four Black people ALL OF US WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AND SERVED PRISON TIME.
That is the toll the racist drug war has taken on Black America for 40 years.

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  1. Hey, I've got an idea. Blacks could stop doing drugs!

    If we were to have an honest discussion, without using leftist propaganda, we would first admit that the mandatory sentences for crack and other drugs came about because people in black communities BEGGED THE POLITICIANS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE RAGING CRACK EPIDEMIC.

    They did. Now greasy and corrupt politicians are again pandering for votes by claiming the current sentencing guidelines are "racist".

    Honest politicians would admit that they, in responding to cries from the black community are responsible for these people in prison and their plight is not the result of some phony "racism".

    Racism however, is alive and well in America. Leftists and black "leaders" have whipped up ignorant blacks into a frenzy. They brazenly attack white people, often killing them. They proclaim openly that white people should be murdered. They attack white people in gangs, they destroy businesses while doing NOTHING to improve their own lot in life. They've been taught from birth that nothing is their fault and every problem they face is because of "racism" ... and of course democrats are here only to help them. Look how democrats have helped them so far!

    You keep piling wood on this fire and one day it will go out of control. When it does will you admit you and your leftist allies were responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands? If not millions?

    Start speaking the truth.