The Dixie Dove

July 21, 2015

Hey Barack Obama, you're no Jimmy Carter. THANKS FOR THAT!

President Obama did what President Carter  could not do.
He acknowledged the Iranian Government and he will now get our hostages back.

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  1. ?????

    Why didn't he get them in exchange for giving the Iranians everything they wanted?

    The only way Iran will release the hostages is if the US government pays ransom. They have absolutely no reason to do anything Obama wants. Iran wants war with Israel and Sunni's. That's it. That's what their driving force is. They want war to bring the Twelfth Imam.

    Remember, Obama had the chance to support revolution in Iran in early 2009. He declined.

    He supports the regime and supports their call to vaporize Israel.

    Unless you understand that one of the driving forces in the left's ideology is a hatred of Israel, Judaism and Christianity you will always fail to understand what they're doing.. During his entire presidency Obama has sided with those who want to exterminate Christians and Jews.

    He refuses to arm the Kurds, refuses to do anything against ISIS except annoying strikes that do nothing, he ignores the mass slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, he supports the elimination of Israel and the left is constantly trying to diminish Christianity in the US while allowing millions of Muslims into the US.

    Wake the hell up. Obama is not your friend. He hates you. He hates the United States.