The Dixie Dove

June 12, 2015

The Rich need to pay their fair share and we need to end the Drug War.

If the Rich Paid, we would have Free Health Care, Free College Education, Great and Cheap Rail Travel, Vacation Time...Then $15 an hour could be sweet. And we'd be a stronger Nation.
Stop Locking Up anybody for non-violent shit...and we're approaching heaven on earth... :)


  1. You literally have swallowed the left's propaganda hook, line and sinker.

    What you want for "free" was guaranteed in the Soviet Union Constitution. What's happening in the U.S. is nothing less than a remolding of the US into a socialist state ... complete with secret police and intimidation if not outright arrest of anyone who opposes it.

    Decades ago the communists came to a revelation that if they wanted to impose communism in the west they would first have to diminish and destroy the traditional family and the influence Christianity has. This has been their entire impetus since the 1920's. This is the purpose of feminism, gay rights, teaching minorities to hate whites and welfare. This is why democrats are flooding the US with unskilled, uneducated and illiterate people.

    You are doing nothing more than cutting your own throat when you support the left and it's preposterous ideas. Nothing is free, but go ahead ... raise taxes as much as you like because apparently you still haven't figured out that ultimately YOU'RE the one who pays it. It's not a secret but the left has morons like you convinced that "rich" people just pull money out of their ass. Money comes from you dumbass. That's what idiots like you just can't seem to understand. All the while the left laughs at how easy it is to get you to do their bidding.

    It's mind boggling how easy it is to control what people like you think and believe. Everything you hear or read from the left is propaganda designed to make to do exactly what you're doing ... supporting the destruction of freedom, liberty and Christianity.

    Use your head buddy.

  2. "Then $15 an hour could be sweet".

    Most union contracts have a clause that requires a basic wage above the minimum wage. So in essence whenever you raise the minimum wage union workers get a raise and the company has no say. Neither do you. You pay for it.

    Secondly, the entire minimum wage idea is a scam. Have you ever noticed that regardless of how much the minimum wage is raised these workers can never seem to get ahead? That's because the economy has to adjust for the increase ... meaning everything goes up in price. It's great for democrats, because every election cycle they bleat about the poor workers who need a minimum wage increase and people like you buy it.

    All that happens is prices go up unions get more money from dues and then donate more to democrats, and low skill workers are still in the same boat they were before.

    Nice scam ... that comes right out of your pocket.

    Chip Shirley: "Let's raise taxes so we can get free shit"!

    A few months later: "Damn, everything has gotten so expensive ... those bastard Republicans, it's all their fault"!

  3. "The long-term outlook for the federal budget has worsened dramatically over the past several years, in the wake of the 2007-2009 recession and slow recovery," the Congressional Budget Office reported in its long-term budget outlook for 2015 released Tuesday.

    Chip Shirley says: Who cares? Just give us more free shit. Tax those rich bastards ... take everything they have.