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March 13, 2015

The Night I Saw the Sex Pistols in San Antonio-1978 Randy's Rodeo

I was a 20 year old 'news junkie' and flailing student and future Track athlete at Schreiner Jr. College in Kerrville TX.

For about ten days I saw stories about 'The Sex Pistols' on the nightly national news having riotous shows in England. Then one day, as I'm listening to the main Rock Station from San Antonio I hear an ad saying...'The Sex Pistols are playing Randy's Rodeo $2.50 at the door.'
That is a fact, that was the ad and that is what they charged at the door to a 2000 plus Country Dancehall to see the Sex Pistols 'Play'/Defend themselves.

I had one friend in Kerrville Texas (60 miles from San Antonio) who 'might' go to this show with me and I wanted some back-up for this operation. Brian Falteen was and is a hard assed Liberal Tough guy (see Hunter S Thompson) who I'd met in Theater Class and who emulated Elton John in his piano virtuosity....I thought 'OK'.

"The Sex Pistols are nothing more than sewer rats with guitars" said BF as he entered my car and we set off for the long drive to the big city and the redneck showdown. Oh shit I thought when he said that and I was right. All the way there he said that same quote..."The Sex Pistols are nothing more than sewer rats with guitars".

When we entered the parking lot to the big 'kicker dancing' joint, it was packed. And it was all trucks with shotguns hanging in the back windshields. We went in and it was the same. Angry Drunk Cowboys. I honestly thought I would  see somebody shot that night. Thankfully I did not.

My 'companion/enemy/friend Brian Falteen began gathering up 'empties' into a pile which he would later throw at Sid Vicious and subsequently be booted from the club and famously interviewed by People magazine.

After the riot, not a show but a riot as the crowd was at the door leaving...johnny Rotten came out on to the stage alone and clenching bills in his hand and said "We got your two fifty we got your texas two fifty!

Brian and i had a nice QUIET ride home.

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