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February 10, 2015

The United Nations Must Govern the Holy Lands

After thousands of years of various sects of society justifying their hateful acts by pointing to hateful acts committed by those who they are at odds with, in the past...I'm afraid it will take a nuclear holocaust for us to realize that the world's reaction to the Jewish Holocaust was not a healing response. It was like giving in to the Nazis racist philosophy when the world decided that Jews could not safely live amongst other races and religions and the decision to create a state for them, based on race and religion must have made Hitler smile in his grave. We will not have peace until the United Nations is given real power as a world government and begins enforcing the law and legal boundaries in the Holy Lands.

I do mean re-enforcing the original contract between world powers and the Palestinians to re-create the nation state of Israel. No matter what the cost of doing this safely, for all involved, the benefits to the region and all inhabitants and the world as a whole would be great.

I would not say this if I didn't think the citizens of Israel would not benefit equally as the citizens of Palestine. God help me it's true. 

The World created Israel and we must defend it and guide it. JE SUIS ISRAELI! Israel is a world nation. 

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