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February 21, 2015

Moral Ban on Terrorists PR Videos and Pictures

I do not want a legal ban on the reporting of any news, however I am demanding that if any media outlet wants my attention they must stop giving terrorist thugs the publicity they crave. I'm talking about media outlets publicly airing propaganda produced by evil people. Everybody knows that all media outlets think in terms of ratings and ad sales when they decide what to report and how to do it. The bottom line in publishing and programming decisions is ratings, not an intellectual analysis of what is the most important of the news of the day.
Major public media outlets could get great ratings by showing porn and if it was legal they would. Just as they show tragic video of all types repeatedly if they garner ratings, even long after they've become common knowledge to the general public.
Showing the PR material produced by evil people, rather than reporting it in as dry and brief a manner possible, is its self an evil act and the fact is, it is done for profit. If any media outlet wants my attention I demand that they report the news of evil acts by vile criminals in a simple straightforward way and resist the urge to show the evil promotional material they produce when they document their crimes. Because, showing these evil videos is the moral equivalent of showing child pornography, for ratings, for money.
There can be no doubt that showing pictures and video of evil people committing crimes encourages them to do more evil and it does the general public no good to see this vile crap rather than simply be informed of it in as dry a manner possible.

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