The Dixie Dove

February 24, 2015

Is the Republican Party in the USA now taking orders from the Likud party in Israel?


  1. You're worried about helping the only democracy in the Middle East as Obama floods the nation with millions of poor, illiterate, unskilled illegals and Muslims.

    You're concerned with Israel as the middle class slowly shrinks dying a slow death.

    You're concerned with Israel as more and more Americans become dependent on government and the rich ruling class grows more powerful and untouchable.

    You're worried about Israel as Muslims are slaughtering Christians and Obama barley makes a whimper ... but if Christians were slaughtering Muslims he'd order all Christians wiped off the face of the earth.

    You're worried about Israel as out national debt becomes the weapon that will collapse this nation and our form of government and Obama and his henchmen take over control of the internet. China anyone?

    Here's the big picture for you. Freedom of speech and thought are enemies of the left. The only nations left to control completely are white, western nations. Australia, Europe, Canada, and the US. The left is destroying our rights, our families, their values, our jobs and our identity.

    Do you not understand the left hates God? The left hates free people?

    Read "Heaven on Earth". An excellent account of how socialism seeks to replace God and create heaven on earth by a Jew and former socialist who was raised by virulent socialists. It's easy reading and very well written.

    The only way you will wake up is to open your mind and your heart.

  2. The FCC won't release to the public it's plan to take over the internet and the FCC chairman refuses to appear before Congress.

    Why pray tell, do you support people who not only think Americans are idiots, but treat us as nothing more than dogshit on their shoes? All while they get richer and more powerful.

  3. The FCC just gave the government control of the internet based on some bullshit reason.

    Comrade Obama says he's going to use executive action to ban rifle ammo.

    American culture being decimated, the middle class poorer and poorer, God being driven from the public square, and now Comrade Obama is trying to ban ammo.

    Still asleep?