The Dixie Dove

January 26, 2015

When Will We Learn?

During what years was the USA at our economic peak? 1940-80. The tax rates on the wealthy from 1940-80 were double today's rates, no coincidence. And don't say 'the rich didn't really pay them'. There's no way our economy grew so much and we did so much with such low debt without vastly more revenue. From 1940-80 we paid for WWII, Korean War, Vietnam war, Republican Eisenhower built our Entire entire Interstate Expressways system and we went to the moon-manned 6 times! Kennedy only lowered the upper rate a little, but Reagan decimated it and America has gone into debt and disrepair since then. Sad...When will we learn?


  1. When will you stop lying?

    If you really believe what you say then it's you who has been lied to. Please use that contraption at your fingertips called the "internet" and access the world's information.

    Stop listening to progressive propaganda.

    Secondly, please learn what marginal tax rates are.

    Lastly, I've provided you with information before that explains marginal tax rates, the tax rates you reference and the deductions used during that time period. You ignored it. I also gave you information showing why America could spend on projects like the interstate system and NASA. You ignored that as well.

    In short, you come across as an ostrich who buries your head in the ground whenever anything comes up that might destroy your propaganda.

  2. "There's no way our economy grew so much and we did so much with such low debt without vastly more revenue".

    Yes, there is.

    We weren't spending almost all tax revenue on social programs. Today, Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Medicaid, food stamps, public housing, welfare, and countless other programs eat up taxes.

    In 2014 we took in 3 trillion in taxes. Social Security, healthcare and welfare alone took 2.4 trillion of that. Add all the other social programs and you understand why we not only can't do anything, but have to borrow money to run the government.

    Get the picture?