The Dixie Dove

January 3, 2015

Pay the Police

Conservatives like Reagan slashed taxes on the rich which has lead to police salaries being slashed. It is criminal that many police are paid 22k or less. You get what you pay for. Poorly trained disgruntled men with guns and badges.

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  1. Your complete misunderstanding of taxes and their function has led you to draw incorrect conclusions which ultimately is what the left wants. That goes for you misunderstanding of marginal tax rates as well.

    You are being played and used.

    Now to the police. Police departments are financed by local taxes. In the case of NYC it's "the rich". In fact in all communities it's "the rich" and middle class property owners ... not federal or state funds. Federal taxes for those evil "rich people" could be slashed and it wouldn't affect police. In fact, I'm sure democrat run cities would greedily raise property taxes and fees to get more money from the evil "rich people". Democrats don't like it when people keep what they earn.

    Plus, I don't know where you live but I sincerely doubt police start off at $10.58 an hour. That's $22,000 a year. Where I live recruits start at $38,000 then quickly advance into the $40's.

    You know what leads to disgruntled men with guns? Liberal policies. Generations of people on welfare. Generations of people who have lost the incentive and drive to succeed and care for themselves. These are the people who now expect free shit. These are the people who spend their entire lives not doing anything but trying to get over. No work, no school, just collecting checks and complaining. These are now the people who Marxist organizers whip into a frenzy. They tell them nothing is their fault, it's all the fault of white people and cops.

    The result is a disrespect for authority, others (white people especially) and themselves.

    Honesty and personal responsibility is hard.