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January 29, 2015

I've Been Alive Since 1955

I have seen a lot and been through a lot with family and friends and studied social data along the way and diligently for 30 odd years.

The USA is the Most Moral and Strong Nation on Earth Today, with President Obama.

For every thing I might mention in the president's favor his detractors will seem to find treasonous...? Really?

No Lawmaker has once brought any charges of any in-compliance of law or constitution against President Obama, but YET it is a pervasive MEME in ultra-conservative and ultra-liberal media that the president of the USA is an 'Outlaw on the Run'.

Wake up America, see the light do the best you can no matter how imperfect. That is how progress is made.

The biggest fallacy in the country today is that Liberal Media support president Obama. Conservatives know that Liberal media attacks them and they assume that means they support the president, but nooooo. Liberal media usually take the tack that 'Obama isn't Liberal Enough and he's let us down'. Jon Stewart treats Obama as if he's just as bad as Dick Cheney. They act like he could have done everything FDR and LBJ did if he just wanted to. They ignore that those presidents had vastly more D's in congress than Obama has had, even in his 1st term, neo-con Lieberman was his '60th vote'
Stewart and Colbert owe it to the youth of America to say every night "Don't get all your news from me, I am a comedian who is payed to mock EVERYBODY not tell you who to support and vote for.

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  1. "see the light do the best you can no matter how imperfect. That is how progress is made".

    Please take your own advice.

    You know, I'm not quite sure how you think Obama is doing a great job. We have illegals streaming across our borders, bringing disease and taking jobs. He's borrowed more money than all previous presidents combined. He has doubled out national debt. More people are dependent on government than any time in our history. Radical Islam is flourishing. He alienates our allies while buddying up to our enemies ... the very people who have stated publicly they want to destroy the US and the west. The middle class is being decimated. He's unlawfully ignored or changed laws ... including Obamacare and immigration laws. He is obviously pro-Islam. In fact, the current president of Egypt, who had the courage to say that Islam as it is must change. That Islam must stop killing and join the rest of the world was opposed by Obama. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Why is it so hard to see what's right in front of your face? I was born in 1955 as well. I used to vote democrat. The only difference between me and you is I understand what America is ... why so many people from around the world have come here. There has never been a nation like America and it seems America won't be around for much longer. Freedom is a difficult thing to hold on to. Freedom unleashes the true human spirit and mind. Now instead we have millions mired in generations of dependence. Drugs, alcohol and sex is all their lives revolve around. No God, no determination to work hard and make a better life, just dependence on a government that grows bigger daily.

    Open your eyes. When you give men power all they want is more power ... power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Please take the time to understand why the founders severely limited the powers of the federal government, and why people have been trying to get rid of those restrictions.

    Plus, I'd really like you to post examples of this "Republican racism" and Tea Party terrorism.