The Dixie Dove

January 12, 2015

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to verbally attack people as Hebdo does.

It is a fact that here in the USA we control the free speech of hate groups. When the KKK asks for a permit to march through downtown Atlanta the city government says
- 'Ok, but because of your being so provocative you will be creating a conflict that endangers the general public. So we, [the government] are obligated to hire hundreds of security officers to keep the situation safe. So, if you want to have a parade you will have to pay a few million dollars for state security'-
And that is why you never see a KKK parade in any metropolitan area. Charlie Hebdo Hate-speech should be controlled by this same means.

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  1. "It is a fact that here in the USA we control the free speech of hate groups".

    Dear God.

    No, the US does not control the speech of groups who don't think like you. If we did then the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, and all left wing groups would never be able to "protest".

    Where was your concern for "hate" when the left was walking around with signs extolling people to kill Bush? Or telling soldiers to kill their officers?

    Apparently you don't understand what freedom of speech is and how vital it is to protect all speech ... especially the speech you don't like.

    Finally, if we were to truly ban "hate speech" (whatever that is) ... the first groups to be banned would be Islamic groups. All they do is spew hatred of everyone non-Muslim. Especially Jews. Hell, they march around calling for Jews to be exterminated. So why don't we ban them first. OK?