The Dixie Dove

December 16, 2014

The History of the World

From the dawn of humanity and the first inkling of society, from the first written word and well before, we have always been ruled by tyrants. The strongest, the most popular, the luckiest have always ruled us and they always will. But the masses move the tyrants like the earth moves the continents, slowly but surely, and they always will.

We fight for the right not to fight. We the masses can do this without fighting, or with. We have a choice.

The old folk song 'This Land is Your Land This Land is My Land' applies to the whole planet earth and all the peoples on it. And our technological advancements demand that we adhere to that rule in order not to destroy ourselves.

If designed and governed from afar, life on earth could be a sweet and beautiful thing, but today our old grudges and debts seem to make that an impossibility.

It's a shame.

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  1. "From the dawn of humanity and the first inkling of society from the first written word and well before we have always been ruled by tyrants".

    Until the formation of the United States of America. The first country in the history of the world where the people ruled.

    You know what the big question was at the time when the founders were contemplating our future? Can people rule themselves.

    I guess the answer is no. Because we've thrown away the liberty that no other country has known and allowed the tyrants to rule us once again.

    I find you confusing because on one hand you talk about tyrants and on the other hand vote them in.

    You either support the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or you don't.

    Which is it?????

    Do you want the freedom and liberty that people around the globe yearn for or do you want an ever growing socialist state that controls more and more of your life?

    What do you want???