The Dixie Dove

December 19, 2014

South American Leaders Thrilled by US Cuba Move-NYT


  1. *** “We never thought we would see this moment,” said Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla

    *** The change in tone was perhaps starkest from President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, Cuba’s main financial patron. He has called Mr. Obama the “big boss of the devils,” a puppet and a sad “hostage” of American imperialism. More recently, he lashed out at Mr. Obama over a bill calling for sanctions against Venezuelan officials deemed responsible for human rights abuses.

    But on Wednesday, when Mr. Obama announced the Cuba deal, Mr. Maduro was almost effusive.

    “We have to recognize the gesture of President Barack Obama, a brave gesture and historically necessary, perhaps the most important step of his presidency,” Mr. Maduro said.

    *** Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan president and former Sandinista rebel, was chastising Mr. Obama just days ago, saying the United States deserved the top spot in a new list of state sponsors of terrorism. Then, on Wednesday, he saluted the “brave decisions” of the American president.

    So, South American communists are thrilled that Obama has given the communist dictatorship of Cuba a helping hand and you think that's a good thing?

    I mean I understand the NYT's thinks it's a good thing ... they're communist supporters from way back.

  2. I agree with you about our differences with Cuba. But in a world where we have free trade with China and the whole world trades with Cuba, except us, we need to adopt Cuba as a close part of us... and we can influence them a lot better than we can China. We need a unified American continent in case China and Russia start up some shipt.

    1. The US is going out with a whimper.

      There won't be any shit from China or Russia. Obama has downsized the military. Smaller Army, smaller Marines, smaller Air Force and much smaller Navy. Our nuclear deterrent force has been cut by 85% while he's allowing unstable countries like Iran to build nukes.

      I say ... once again ... that we're witnessing an aggressive effort to bring the west down to everyone else. Global communism is the goal. Wealth redistribution on a massive scale. Since global communism can't raise everyone up what they're doing is bringing the successful countries down to the rest of the world.

      They're taking the wealth produced by free people and giving it away instead of following what the west did to become so successful. In the process, the remaining free people are losing that freedom.

      Since 2007 all new jobs have gone to immigrants in the US. American employment has steadily dropped while immigrant employment has gone up. This is stealth wealth redistribution. More Americans than ever rely on the government for existence.

      Look, if you don't understand anything else think about this: The left never stops. Never. The left will only stop when either they're all dead or we are. Think about what the left has done. For the last hundred years they have achieved their ends. They have Social Security, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, abortion, public housing, Section 8 housing, Obamacare and countless other programs that are all wealth redistribution and control over the population. Now they're screaming for a guaranteed income whether you work or not, free health care, free birth control and the demands from the environment extremists are nothing more than ways to exert even more control over people. Not to mention their attack on Christianity and alliance with Islam. They never stop.

      They will never stop until they have all the money, all the power and control everything you do. When they get all the power and control is when people like me start disappearing. Camps will be set up to deal with "problem people".

      All you have to do is look at the history of the left to see their end game. Someone asked Mikhail Gorbachev after the fall of the USSR if communism was dead. He just laughed and said "the whole world will be communist one day".