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November 26, 2014

Wilson Broke Police Protocol!

Wilson broke police protocol when he left his car to chase without support FACT
Here I detail exactly what Officer Wilson did wrong and discuss increased police aggression since the start of the Drug War...
I've worked as a bouncer and had to call the police to help me boot violent drunks. At any time I could have confronted the drunk, alone, with a gun, knowing he would 'drunkenly' attack me. By this 'Wilson standard' I could have 'legally' killed a few people, but that was never necessary. Same here.People are safely arrested while resisting arrest ALL THE TIME. Look at the last two nights in Ferguson...HUNDREDS OF ARRESTS no fatalities...that's because THE TV CAMERAS ARE ON! If Wilson was on video he would have stayed in his car and waited for backup. FACT
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  1. Over one hundred blacks have been killed in Chicago alone since Brown was killed. Almost one thousand black babies have been aborted in Missouri alone since Brown was killed. In Ferguson, a young black man was murdered in his car then sent on fire a few nights ago.

    Nothing from you. Nothing from Obama. Nothing from Holder. Nothing from the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson. Nothing from the communist left. Nothing from the New Black Panthers. Nothing from Brown's parents. Nothing from the communist media.

    The only time we hear about black deaths is when you and the communist left can use it for political advantage, so stop with your disgusting display of righteousness.

  2. Replies
    1. St Louis man beat to death with hammer by black teens.

      Where's the media? Where's Obama? Where's Holder? Where are the communists?

    2. The Black teen monsters have been arrested and charged with murder, not given pats on the back.

    3. That's not the point. If 4 white teens had beat a black man to death the airwaves would be saturated with breathless stories of racism in America 24/7. Sharpton would be calling for marches, the New Black Panthers would be calling for the execution of the teens, idiots would be rioting and burning down businesses, thugs would target random white people for revenge ... and Holder would once again initiate a civil rights investigation.

      When black people, hispanics or illegals kill white people everyone is silent.

      Look at the "knockout game". Gangs of blacks target whites and Jews across the nation. Several deaths have occurred. Can you imagine the uproar if gangs of whites were going after blacks?

      Somewhere in the back of your mind you have to understand this is being done to rile up blacks and keep America divided ... right?

      Lastly, the teens targeted a white person specifically because of the Ferguson bullshit. Obama. Holder, Sharpton and all the communist organizers should be held accountable.