The Dixie Dove

November 9, 2014

Thank God For Barack Hussein Obama

This man came into office with 9-11 alive and Bin Laden on the loose! AND THE STOCK MARKET CRASHING BELOW 8000! AND UNEMPLOYMENT SHOOTING UP!
Come the fuck on complainers!

President Obama has turned the whole hell the USA was in UPSIDE DOWN.
And now whiners on the Left and Right are giving him shit on 'style points'...

BHO will still tip his hat on the way out of office with Immigration Reform, Legalizing Pot and Normalizing relations with Cuba and Iran.

BHO is essentially an acronym for Best President Ever.

President Barack H. Obama


  1. Now I know you're pretty much an idiot who has fallen for the immense propaganda campaign protecting Obama by his media guards ... but we're in for a world of big time hurt.

    Obama has allowed the Fed to pump 80 billion dollars a month into the stock market and keep interest rates low. What this means is the market never corrected after 2008 as it should have done. Everything is artificial.

    What will happen is the Republicans will take over, and probably do what any serious leader should have done. Stop the market priming by printing money and slowly allow the market to correct. When this happens democrats will attack capitalism, business and Republicans for destroying the economy.

    If the priming isn't stopped then the market will experience a massive crash throwing the country into chaos. By the way, democrats are pumping the stock market to not only increase profits, but to take the taxes from those profits and "donations" from these corporations.

    There are already way too many people dependent on government because of liberal policies. Adding millions more by unlawfully legalizing illegals will strain the system to it's breaking point.

    And buddy, if you think Iran wants nothing more than normalized relations then you're dumber than I thought. The Iranian leadership wants and will get nukes ... thanks to Obama ... and will use them. Their acquisition of nukes will cause other ME countries to do the same. An Iran with nukes will mean the worse conflicts the world has ever seen. ME oil will be interrupted throwing the entire world in chaos.

  2. Fox has done a better job of monopolizing media outlets, buying up all talk radio outlets and BRAINWASHING POOR WHITE PEOPLE. Fox MSNBC and USA Today ALL support the rich and LIE about America's tax and economic history. Look at this chart! http://ChipShirley.Com/

  3. The chart at the top of this page shows our true history of tax policies. 1940-80 That was the greatest America!

    1. What the hell does your complete misunderstanding of marginal tax rates have to do with what I wrote?

      Secondly, people don't work to give the government money so democrats can buy votes with it ... or make people dependent on government.

      Thirdly, is the government collecting more taxes now than ever before? Yes. Does the government collect more taxes when taxes are lower? Yes. Is most money going straight to bureaucrats and entitlement spending? Yes. Put an overlay of entitlement spending over your stupid, misleading graph.

      Lastly, why do you believe the government has a right to take money from hard working people and give it to other people?


      Please answer my questions.