The Dixie Dove

November 20, 2014




  1. The people who will lose their jobs and have their wages stagnate when illegals take their jobs thank you.

    Also, what about fairness to Americans? Especially low skilled whites and blacks that now will be usurped by illegals?

    Lastly, get ready for the big collapse because all these illegals will now be eligible to suck taxpayer money from the treasury. We already can't afford what we spend.

    Obama and his radical henchmen thank you for being an easily manipulated tool for the left.

    Welcome to the last days of the USA comrade.

  2. The Illegals that PBO is making Legal ALREADY have jobs in the US. This will force them to pay taxes and SS fees. It is well documented that rich (almost all Republican) southern agriculture businessmen have been, literally, busing Illegals into the US for over 50 years to work in Ag and construction. The whole time they lobbied southern conservative lawmakers to look the other way and now the people who vote conservative are freaked out about Illegal immigration and they don't even know it was their leaders who created the problem.

  3. Stop with your stupid "it's just Republicans that are rich and importing illegals". Wall Street is mostly democrat. Hollywood is mostly democrat. All the tech giants are mostly democrat. That Facebook goon has donated millions to amnesty illegals ... he's a liberal. All the major networks are liberal and they're very, very rich. All the leaders of unions are filthy rich. All the academics ... like that nut Lizzy Warren are rich. The democrats are, and have always been the party of the rich. They've simply used the "little guy" for votes.

    If you need any proof just look at where we are after decades of liberal policies. They're all rich and powerful and we're not. We're worse off. In fact the people of America have lost power, and more importantly freedom. People are terrified of Obama and his rogue government.

    Secondly, the point is now these people can openly compete against American workers for jobs. Naturally they'll take less and businesses, mostly democrats, will take foreign workers over American citizens.

    My other point is they'll also be able to draw welfare, and other bloated entitlements we don't have the money for now.

    The left's goal is threefold: Establish a low skilled uneducated base to fool with their propaganda into constantly voting democrat ... like they did with blacks. Blacks by the way, are waking up and suddenly understanding how they've been used by democrats for generations. Two, is the continued diminishment of American culture ... and three maintain a divided population.

    Stop taking what democrats do at face value. They always have an ulterior motive for their actions. The left is running democrats and the government and the left hates the average person and the left despises America.

    Wake up.

    Look, do yourself a favor and read about the early progressives. They haven't changed. The progressive ideology is Marxist to it's core. The renamed themselves "liberals" in the early 20th century when their support for eugenics, Hitler and Stalin made them unpopular with the American people. They think everyone has forgotten. We haven't.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. Why exactly, do you think Obama refuses to secure our southern border? More illegals are flooding in every day and his latest illegal action will only draw millions more.