The Dixie Dove

October 5, 2014

Only pure hearted Socialism can stop diseases like Ebola.

Only pure hearted Socialism can stop diseases like Ebola. We, in the richer western nations have colonized and then forgotten the people of Africa. Now, we cry to see the pain we hath wrought them and us now too.


  1. You are an idiot of the highest order. Your god, Obama, is letting infected people travel here unhindered. Any objective observer would have to conclude he wants Ebola to spread here.

    Plus, your other god ... communism ... can do nothing to stop anything. Only free people unburdened by corrupt central government can do anything. It's free people that brought the advances we have today. They didn't come from the USSR, or Russia, or China, or Cuba, or North Korea or any of the other piddly socialist and communist nations ... they came from here.

    I just have to ask what in the hell is wrong with your brain that you despise and hate the very thing that has elevated millions if not billions of people out of poverty? Why do you hate the country that has saved millions through the innovation and invention of free people? Why do you continue to champion a man that hates this country with a burning passion?

    Wake the hell up.

    Socialism doesn't work and communism has killed millions upon millions and left even more in misery.

    1. If Obama restricted them from coming here, republicans would attack him for being against the free market and freedom!

    2. You're an idiot and it's idiots like you that will be the end of the US.

    3. Republicans want to fight Ebola with more cuts to the CDC!

  2. I wonder if that guy would have lived longer in a blue state hospital? 😑

  3. Don't question the fact that he shouldn't have been here in the first place. Don't question the fact that Obama is letting thousands of people from ebola riddled countries come here unchallenged. Don't question that ebola has never bee seen out of Africa and now it's spreading around the world.

    Just revert to what the left has taught you ... division among the American people.

    You're another useful idiot.