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October 8, 2014

Nunn Chops Perdue Down to Size!

Georgia US Senate Debate Perry GA Fairgrounds-
No matter how Perdue thrashed about swinging wildly at President Obama and missing Michelle Nunn kept chopping back at the root issues of the campaign and when all was said and done David Perdue looked dumb as a stump. Was his debate coach Rick Perry? And was Michelle's debate coach Sam Nunn? Yes and Yes and it sure showed!
At the Perry GA Fairgrounds a loud crowd for Perdue turned into a stunned crowd for Nunn.
I think anyone watching would agree that Purdue was eerily vapid ala Rick Perry and Nunn was refreshingly sharp and candid ala Sam Nunn. Michelle can win this thing.
Each time Nunn stared at Purdue (as he averted his eyes) and said 'You're running against me.' she looked tough and he looked wimpy. Even the conservative crowd could tell.

Nine out of ten for Nunn,
and Nunn out of ten for Perdue!

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