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September 30, 2014

Liberal Secession

Liberal Secession

...The South is Richer and more Populous than the North.

Y'all do know that now don't you?

I'm trying to keep us together for the sake of the North South and World.

Seems like Abe Lincoln might have agreed with me.

I'm sure glad the F***ing Redneck Southerners aren't talking 'secession' as much as the Liberal Northerners.

We have all kind of xhit down here but throughout the state we live seeing a black face then a white face...we are TRULY integrated. 30% Black STATEWIDE, that means it's 50% 50% in most areas and whiter elsewhere. Northerners don't even relate to this. The South is the T R U E racial integration project on the whole planet earth. F A C T.

Almost 90% of all African Americans live in the south...and while the 2nd greatest ethnic migration in US history was Black people leaving the south after the Civil War, the #1 ethnic migration has occurred in recent decades when Black people began leaving uber racist NYC and LA and moving back to the south. NY state is 14% African American compared to Georgia's 30% African American population. I have a Black friend from Boston (Mass is 6% Black) who recently moved to North Carolina because as she said "When I visited relatives there the White people didn't look at me like I was a Martian!"  NYC, Boston and LA are far more racist than Atlanta. That is a fact.
Look at this population distribution map...

Chip Shirley

I didn't say any bodies 'loving it' down here, how's things where you are, are all y'all 'loving it'. As for the voting suppression, here in Georgia we are getting Sunday voting passed all over the place. We are fighting the power and fixing the problem, not quitting or running away.

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