The Dixie Dove

September 17, 2014


I don't care what they call themselves, ISIL is not Islamic, it's not religious, they aren't revolutionaries or freedom fighters, they are plain old everyday thugs. Think the mob, drug cartels etc.

They are stinking hateful selfish lying murdering sexist racist pigs who are out for themselves and no one else. The civilized world must unite to stop them and the CIA and global security organizations should be given free reign into the financial records of the gulf states whose wealthy spoiled extended family members of various monarchs are funding them.

Some people say 'they're Islamic, it's in their name...right and the KKK call themselves Christians!
S A M E  A S...


  1. "ISIL is not Islamic"

    You do understand what ISIL is doing is how Islam spread in the first place hundreds of years ago ... right?

    This IS Islam. Mohammed and his followers went from village to village demanding conversion or death, raping women, demanding ransoms and stealing wealth.

    1. Do you know anything about THE CRUSADES where Christians fought for SATAN against Muslims?