The Dixie Dove

September 22, 2014

Fox-Fake Boobs Fake Blondes Fake NEWS!


  1. Da comrade! We must get rid of all differing opinion and stop Fox from presenting news harmful to our cause!

    Only by controlling all news can we succeed. Communism will finally come to America! People will be free! No more work! Everything will be free! No more police and military! We will spend all our efforts stopping the use of oil, gas and coal and finally be free from corporate overlords! The government will tell us how to live!

    Our communist government will take care of all our needs! Free healthcare! Medical professionals and hospitals will thrive under government supervision! We will open our borders for all to come and come they will because communism is utopia!!!!!!!

    Everything will be free and all will live in peace ... and best of all Islam will collapse because who can compete with utopia! With no military and police Islamists will have no reason to kill us!

    Keep up the good work comrade. Attack Fox and silence those who challenge us.