The Dixie Dove

August 9, 2014

Stop Anti-Semitism in Europe!

What's going on in Europe is tragic because it's not even European Jews who treat the Palestinians so horribly, it's the Jews who continue to push into Palestinian territory, the Israeli Likud Party. And even more painfully ironic is the fact that war hawks in Israel get most of their financial aid, not from Jewish people around the world, but from CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA! It is the conservative US Christian politicians and pundits and FOX that support the war hawk Likud party, these are the enemies of the Palestinians and of Peace in the Middle East.


  1. Feel free to name the conflicts started by Israel.

    If you'd do a little research you might begin to understand that every action ever taken by the Israeli military has always been in response to attacks from Arabs or terror organizations like Hamas or Hezbollah.

    Simply disarm and disband Hamas and you get peace. How simple is that?

  2. The rightwing war - hawks here dream of their war contractor buddies getting big profits, then their party gets more donations!

    1. Absolutely right Bill! Right wing "warhawks".

      By the way ... how many wars did those "warhawks" ever get us into?

      Let's see:

      WW1 - Wilson (D)
      WWII - Roosevelt (D)
      Korea - Truman (D)
      Vietnam - Kennedy (D)
      Bosnia - Clinton (D)
      Desert Storm - Bush (R)
      Iraq/Afghanistan - Bush (R) Obama (D)

  3. After 4 decades of my heart bleeding for the Israelis and Palestinians I am now ready to totally give up on the situation. The only aid I would offer the region today is an endless supply of free airline tickets to people of all races and religions in the Holy Land so that they might go anywhere else in the world they choose. I would be willing to offer them money for the relocation too. Today the Holy Land is the LEAST HOLY LAND in the world.