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August 17, 2014

Life is Super Natural

We are surrounded by 'Life'. We humans are 'life'.

We all recognize that Life is still unique to our knowledge as a physical possibility as well as to the planet Earth.
Everything else everywhere that we know of, just sits there and life 'moves' from humans to plants to viruses, here on Earth.
And we still don't know how or why this transformation happens from inanimate chemicals to creatures, however small. Even the line between the  two is hard to define.
We cannot presently create from basic elements even the most base and simplistic life form. With all of our history and technological advancements we are still at a total loss for that.
But surely we will learn how life works eventually. And then we will be virtually immortal... 
That is, if we can learn first how society works. It should be easy enough with today's communications opportunities....but shit....

Sounds like praying time to me!
Writer, Comedian-Politician
Athens GA

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