The Dixie Dove

July 3, 2014

Plunging Unemployment Make Obama the Greatest!!!

To Obama Doubters-
Our nosediving unemployment rate is just the latest example of why President Obama will go down in history as the best president in the history of the USA!

I wonder what president you think has done better in modern history? Certainly not W, if Obama had not run and won on stopping the Iraq occupation we would still be there, (under McCain) and we’d be at war with Iran too. Maybe you liked Clinton more, but what did he accomplish besides
GATT and NAFTA which sent our manufacturing base south and east. Sure he blew up the stock market because corporations lowered their labor costs to $1 a day in China. All that loose money led to the bubble in our economy.
Reagan’s version of Benghazi was to get 250 marines killed in Lebanon…Carter was great, except for accomplishing nothing.
FDR and LBJ both had 67 Senate seats and even bigger margins in the House when they passed their big legislative packages.
I’ll take Obama’s ending Waterboarding, Healthcare, Lack of New Wars, Gays in the Military Openly, pseudo legalization of Pot and Saving a Dead Economy and Crashing Market ANYDAY over those other presidents.
And President Obama still has 2 years and 7 months left in office to hopefully normalize relations with Cuba among other things.


  1. Record Number of Americans Not in Labor Force in June

    So how exactly, can the unemployment rate be dropping?

    When you add the people who have stopped looking for work the unemployment rate skyrockets.

    It's unbelievable watching you people ignore reality. You will believe anything to make Obama look good.

  2. "Healthcare"

    Everyone had healthcare. What democrats did was institute government run healthcare and called it "insurance". The VA id government run healthcare ... so in other words they've destroyed the best healthcare system in the world.

    People now pay more, many have lost their doctors, hospitals and will receive care based on government rationing. Now the IRS has the power to snoop through your life and take your money or property if you don't pay.

    When will you little communists learn that your systems don't work and will not create utopia? How many people have to die and suffer so your politicians and their cronies can get rich while the middle class disappears?

  3. •From bondage to spiritual faith;

    •From spiritual faith to great courage;

    •From courage to liberty;

    •From liberty to abundance;

    •From abundance to complacency;

    •From complacency to apathy;

    •From apathy to dependence;

    •From dependence back into bondage

    *We are at the last stage: From dependence back into bondage*

  4. The surge of illegal children was planned by the Obama administration.

    DHS submitted a vendor request to handle 65,000 unaccompanied children in January. See for yourself.

    Click on Juvenille Transport RFI

    Will you please wake up before this nation is toally gone?

  5. The rightwing spin machine!
    More neocons here that think what benefits billionaires and big corporations will somehow benefit them!

    1. ???? Expand please.