The Dixie Dove

June 4, 2014

Reagan's 'Benghazi'

Reagan's 'Benghazi' was to have 240 Marines killed in a single bombing in Libya and then bring all the rest home and forget the whole thing.
Then he got rid of the Fairness Doctrine so billionaires could buy up all the airwaves and hire liars to gloss over the Republican's evil and idiocy.
Wiki-pedia-An article in Foreign Policy titled "Lesson Unlearned" argues that the U.S. military intervention in the Lebanese Civil War has been downplayed or ignored in popular history - thus unlearned - and that lessons from Lebanon are "unlearned" as the U.S. militarily intervenes elsewhere in the world.


  1. The mind of Chip Shirley:

    Believes communists calling themselves "progressives" have helped the country by systematically making people poor and dependent on government, and giving the government so much power it won't be long before dissenters are taken away never to be seen again. Remember, it's never the right that imposes itself on the population, it's always the left.

    Believes Republicans are evil for wanting to scale back government power, let people keep the fruits of their labor, and adhere to the US Constitution.

    It's people like you that bought Lenin's bullshit, bought Stalin's bullshit, bought Hitler's bullshit, bought Mussolini's bullshit, bought Mao's bullshit, Castro's bullshit and all the bullshit the left has spewed over the decades.

  2. Hey, how do you like the hundreds of thousands of illegal children pouring over the border? Cool right? Obama is doing nothing to stop it.

    I'm sure you think it's just dandy.

    Obama won't stop until this nation is destroyed.

    Keep your blinders on.

  3. Surge in kids illegally crossing into U.S. alone strains Border Patrol

    Numbers far worse than Obama administration had admitted

    Read more:
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    This is what your savior Obama is doing to us. He's trying to kill us.

  4. How's This? Cross the border illegally and get a lawyer, courtesy of Obama and taxpayers.

    Youths Facing Deportation to Be Given Legal Counsel

  5. Even Noam Chomsky is seeing what Obama is doing.

  6. The middle-class has been going downhill since reagan and half of them still vote GOP!