The Dixie Dove

May 7, 2014

Our Economic Peak Was...

When Will We Learn?

During what years was the USA at our economic peak? The tax rates on the wealthy from 1940-80 were no coincidence. And don't say 'the rich didn't really pay them'. There's no way our economy grew so much and we did so much with such low debt without vastly more revenue. From 1940-80 we paid for WWII, Korean War, Vietnam war, Republican Eisenhower built our Entire entire Interstate Expressways system and we went to the moon-manned 6 times! Kennedy only lowered the upper rate a little, but Reagan decimated it and America has gone into debt and disrepair since then. Sad...When will we learn?


  1. "There's no way our economy grew so much and we did so much with such low debt without vastly more revenue".

    I'd like to see some numbers instead of your constant bleating without providing any evidence.

    I'd like to see past GDP compared to today. Plus past revenue and spending compared to today. Also specify the spending on social programs vs. then and now. You must also take into account that the size of the federal government has ballooned into monstrous proportions.

    Take the time to do real research instead of repeating your stupid propaganda. I'll be waiting for your "evidence".

    Oh ... I've actually provided you with all this info in past comments that you just ignored since it didn't fit your stupid premise that excessive taxes somehow lead to growth. I've also linked articles for you to read that apparently you've ignored because you like being kept in the dark and believing your lies.

    Let's see your evidence.

    1. See the two charts in my next post...

  2. What are they supposed to prove?

    We spend all our money on social programs. Until you get that through your head you'll keep floundering like a fish out of water. It has nothing to do with outrageous tax rates that no one paid anyway ... it all has to do with spending.

    Better find more "evidence".