The Dixie Dove

May 1, 2014

Golf is the most complex and dynamic sport of all.

The implements of Golf and equipment options, and the variety of design to the fields of play, these elements make Golf far more complicated than Chess, or Team Sports like Football, Baseball and Basketball.
While it is extremely  complex to play team sports with defensive players guarding you on the field, Golf too, has players passing you on 'the field of play' with better scores. There is no 'physical defensive play' allowed in Golf, but Golf is the only sport where the Field of Play dramatically changes from 'game to game' or tournaments.

I think Golf wins on Complexity there, but here, I know that Golf wins on dynamics.

Bubba Watson drove the ball 360 yards at Augusta recently. He could have teed up in the parking lot outside the UGA Sanford Stadium and hit the ball up and over the front of the 97k capacity stadium, over the Football field and over the back of the stadium to the Rail Road tracks that kids used to be able to see into the stadium from.

That's DYNAMIC. That's Golf too.

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