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May 21, 2014

China and Russia 'Go to Hell!'

The writing is clearly on the wall. The last two totalitarian super-powers on earth (China and Russia) are teaming up and setting the stage for what they think will be a global conflict that leaves them on top of Western powers and their allies, militarily and economically.

They think they want World War...they are wrong.

For the US biggest trade partner, China, to sign a $400 billion dollar gas deal with Russia at this point in time is practically a declaration of war. Russia is trouncing international law in the Ukraine and China is doing likewise by planting an oil rig in Vietnam's territorial waters and building on the islands whose ownership is disputed by Japan. And both nations encourage North Korean aggression by their silence on it.

WWIII will be a Trade War-

Democratic nations have created totalitarian monsters by enriching China and Russia through global trade deals without requiring them to improve their human rights standards or to democratize. By doing business with China and Russia, Democratic nations have re-invented slavery, we have sold our souls to the devil and now the devil wants his due.

The world is in for war, but China and Russia are in for a shock. They may make successful land grabs here and there, but they will awaken the sleeping giant of Democratic Pride. The free nations of the world will isolate boycott these ancient prison states and we will re-build the manufacturing bases we foolishly sold to them and the devil. This is the beginning of the end for Russia and China.

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