The Dixie Dove

April 9, 2014

Putin is a Fascist

Huey Long said "When Fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-Fascism!"
Indeed, that is the cloak American fascists like Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney use and that is the guise being employed by Vladimir Putin today...http://ChipShirley.Com/
 perhaps this picture makes the point clearer...


  1. So let me get this straight ... you consider people who want smaller government and more liberty fascist?

    It's not the right that wants to control speech, the press and everything we do. It's not the right that wants more power for government and less freedom for it's citizens.

    I really think you should read up on Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. Goebbels used Bernays work. In fact the left has used it on you for decades. You think what they want you to think and do what they want you to do.

    1. Limbaugh clearly prefers Putin to President Obama

    2. Riiiiiiiight. Limbaugh wants an ex-KGB colonel who pines for the former Soviet Union empire and who has little regard for either his people or freedom.

      Limbaugh prefers neither ... as do I. I would like someone who cherishes the gift of liberty and who understands what America was founded as. It's easy to be corrupt and grab power. It's much harder to give up power and relinquish it back to the people. Making people dependent on the government is not relinquishing power ... it's grabbing power. Power over us.

      The federal government was specifically given very limited power with everything else belonging to the states and the people. Over time the federal government has usurped that power and taken it for itself.

      Power corrupts, the founders understood that. That's why they designed the constitution as they did. Now Obama thinks he can just ignore the law and pass executive orders when the system the founders created won't let him advance his agenda.

      There should be no agenda in Washington. The duty of every politician should be to uphold the Constitution, defend liberty and defend the nation. That's it. It shouldn't matter who's in office. Instead democrats play the populist game they've played for over a hundred years ... promising people free stuff if they vote for them. Only it's not free for the people democrats steal from.

      Also, you never answered my question. You consider people who want a smaller, more accountable government and more liberty fascist?