The Dixie Dove

April 22, 2014

Obama Can Fix Our Finances

Some folks say that President Obama can't fix our tax code and finance rules because he has Wall St. people in his administration.
But FDR was a lawyer for Wall St. There aint nobody qualified to run for president with clean hands!

The President has gone a long way towards cleaning up our regulatory fiasco and he's trying to straighten out our tax code which has gone down for the rich and up for the poor for 75 years!

1 comment:

  1. Are you some kind of nut? Obama has added hundreds of thousands of new regulations ... and the poor pay no taxes. What planet do you live on anyway? Propaganda World?

    Speaking of Wall Street ... there were 1300 successful prosecution of Wall Street crimes under Bush. Guess how many under Obama? ZERO. That's your great president who's going to "clean up". What a joke.

    Try getting outside your criminal progressive bubble and try living in reality for a change. Or better yet, just move to a socialist or communist country instead of trying to destroy this one.