The Dixie Dove

April 29, 2014

Bill Maher Defends Sterling?

Bill Maher on (Chris Hayes show tonight) finds the creepiest thing about all this 'Sterling issue' to be... 'someone was taped in their own home'?

Seriously Bill?


  1. I agree I was taken aback by Mahrs comment even tho he prefaced it by saying the guy is a ***. I was pretty disgusted by his cavalier attitude then going onto defend Imus..

  2. There's something wrong with the way you people think if you think it's acceptable to surreptitiously record peoples private conversations.

  3. There is something wrong when in 2014 we still have brazen hate mongers and whats worse you people DEFENDING hate mongers trying to deflect yammering about " private conversations" .. Im sure if this was an arab guy mouthing off about how 9/11 was great for whites and taught them a lesson.. AND had a history of denying whites housing etc.. YOU would be the first in line PRAISING the gf calling her a HERO for exposing him..

  4. I thought there was something wrong with your thinking and your last comment proved it. I didn't defend anyone. I'm wondering why you think it's acceptable to illegally record private conversations then release them.

    What's is wrong with you anyway?