The Dixie Dove

March 24, 2014

The Future of Civilization

The USA and allies must finally come to grips with our dependence on totalitarian states! We must become energy independent and self sufficient in terms of manufacturing capabilities. It's not just gas and oil from Russia and the Middle East that put us in compromising situations, it's also our dependence on China for manufacturing and our debt to them. We can try to sanction Russia into compliance with civilized norms, but China will step in (behind closed doors) and send them all the  money they need to bedevil us with. Tax the rich rebuild America and rid ourselves of our dependence on these old hateful ghost nations!


  1. I was agreeing with you until you decided to show your Communist half and stated bleating about class warfare and taxing the rich more. You've just shown what an uninformed moron you are. I've shown you a thousand times where our money goes. If we didn't spend almost all tax revenue on social programs we could do anything.

    Stop being a commie stooge. Wake up and expand your information.

    1. But, we had more social programs before and built all that stuff...either way, somehow, we have got tot build that stuff, even if we borrow more, but from europe not china

    2. Stop writing nonsense and get some facts. Take the time to look at how much we actually spend. You're drawing conclusions on what you want to happen, not on the reality of the situation.

      I've posted the numbers before and you simply ignored them because it went against the left's propaganda.