The Dixie Dove

February 6, 2014

ObamaCare Lowers Unemployment

The right wing spin on the CBO report concerning the ACA and job losses is typically BUNK.

No, ObamaCare is NOT going to eliminate jobs, it is in fact going to cut unemployment. Here's how it works....

Many people who have wanted to start their own businesses have held off on that because they couldn't previously afford to pay for their health care if they were self employed. So, until now they had given  up on their American dream of starting their own business and stayed with their jobs at large companies who offered health care benefits at a cost they could afford by having a large pool of clients.

Now many of those would-be entrepreneurs can afford to start their dream business and have healthcare through the ACA. This creates MORE jobs because someone who is unemployed will fill the vacancy they are leaving behind AND hopefully their start-up business will create jobs as well.

Some other people have been working at full time jobs when they didn't actually need the full time income, but they did need the health care benefits. Now, if they choose to retire or work part-time, since they can get health care through the Affordable Care Act, that too will free up jobs for people who are presently unemployed!

It's a win win win win 2014!


  1. My God. You believe anything liberals tell you even if the reality is completely opposite and staring straight in the face.

    Propaganda completely controls you.

    1. They quit their jobs, thanks to health-care law

  2. You mean they quit their jobs to leech off the taxpayer and the middle class who are paying exorbitant premiums now so these people can quit working and receive subsidized insurance. Who do you people thinks pays for this?

    Only in the twisted mind of a liberal would this be considered good news.