The Dixie Dove

February 4, 2014


Even with Canada having a 'conservative' Prime Minister (by their standards) they are still waaaay more Liberal as a nation than is the USA. But they support the K-pipeline and that gives me pause, as an environmentalist, to oppose it. Labor Unions in the USA have helped the working person daily for decades and they support the K-Pipeline. They are not 'evil rich guys'.

Also, as an environmentalist, I have to weigh the potential damage from an underground pipeline leak, against the tremendous air pollution caused by trucks transporting this oil. There are no greenhouse gasses released by a pipeline leak and there are, as we speak, tremendous amounts of CO2, being pumped into our atmosphere by trucks transporting this oil and that will go on if the pipeline is stopped. And too, the odds of tragic violent death caused by an oil transporting truck or train are very high, compared to the pipeline.

I am against the Koch Brothers political aspirations on every 'social' issue, but I recognize that they do make their money within our laws and I cannot join in on the idea that it is a good thing to oppose any project that will lead to profits for them, simply for that reason.
I cannot say for sure what is best for us right now on this issue. But I can say that I trust President Obama, our Labor Unions, the EPA studies and the leadership of the Canadian government to make the best decision on this issue.


  1. While I applaud your brief moment of sanity in stating that simply because they're not liberals they still have a right to be successful and enjoy some semblance of free speech and liberty ... I am concerned that you really know noting of the Koch's except what the radical left has told you.

    David Koch for instance supports gay marriage, higher taxes and defense cuts. The brothers have established various foundations that have given millions to science, the arts and medical research.

    The fact that they believe in liberty and entrepreneurship and the left hates them should tell you all you need to know about the left.

    Please stop relying on the left's propaganda for information and research yourself. If you did you'd find out how much you're being told is a lie.

    1. I don't know how different the two brothers are, but this is fro Wikipedia..."The brothers fund organisations advocating lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services and less oversight of industry - in particular environmental regulation.[3] They actively fund and support organizations that contribute significantly to Republican candidates, and that lobby against universal health care and climate change legislation.[3] "

    2. That's why you fail to progress intellectually and continue to be a puppet for the left.

      In general yes. They do support all those things. So do I. That being said, David Koch does support gay marriage and considers our national debt and deficit spending such a pressing problem that he believes raising taxes and cutting defense spending is needed to help stabilize our finances. He's pragmatic, unlike all liberals and democrats who only want to shove their agenda down our throats with government force. Of course we will never balance our budget if we don't start cutting back on social programs.

      I've given you more than enough info before on how much we take in and where all our tax money goes. Democrats are slowly strangling the United States with debt

      I will guarantee you if you actually did diligent research you wouldn't be a liberal. I used to be a democrat until I started wondering why the democrats of today were starting to preach Marxism. They used to be pro-business. They used to be pro-military. They used to be pro-liberty and anti-fascist and anti-communist. They now embrace slaughtering unborn children up to 9 months. They now embrace radical regimes around the world and shun our traditional allies.

      I was one of the morons that voted for Mondale.

      Lastly, "climate change" is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetuated. All global warming predictions were based on models. None of those predictions has even come close to coming true. None. All the models have failed. CO2 is not a pollutant, it's essential to life on earth. Plant life dies under 150 parts per million. We're at 390 ppm. That's 0.039% of the atmosphere.

      One more thing. The global warming models left out one very important energy source when they came up with their dire predictions of gloom. The energy source that drives everything on earth. The sun.

      If you continue to rely on leftist websites for info and refuse to read other sources you will continue to live a lie.

  2. Where is this off...from today...

    1. Do you understand what that story is about? Creative ways to shield donors to conservative causes have to be invented to shield the donors from the vicious attacks by the left. Understand? The left does not want anyone donating to anything or anyone that opposes them. They are totalitarian. Obama already uses the IRS and DOJ to go after his opponents. Why should people be afraid to donate to causes they believes in? Why must they hide from the left and the government?

      The article found out the names of some of the people who support these causes and printed them. These people will be attacked. Where is free speech? The leftist agenda can only come to fruition through the use of force.

      If you are honest with yourself you would admit they shouldn't. This is supposed to be a free country. It no longer is. These aren't democrats in government, they are far left radicals who believe in the ends justify the means.