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February 28, 2014

Heroin Answers-

It is completely illogical that Dr.s can't treat drug addicts with pure and professionally monitored versions of the drugs (heroin/poppy) that people are addicted to.

We already give people many drugs that are not 'good for you' so to speak, but are the 'best option' for a person with a certain serious illness. A cancer patient takes drugs that harm, but fend off a worse challenge to their health. Likewise a heroin addict is far better off being treated by a Dr. with a safe dosage than getting poorly measured poison off the street.

Most overdose deaths are simply a matter of the user mistaking the purity and strength of the drug they are taking. Most drug crime is committed by addicts stealing to get money for a drug that costs virtually nothing to produce. Both these problems could be easily avoided if  doctors were able to prescribe pharmaceutically pure versions of the drugs used in a controlled manner.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) must allow the AMA (American Medical Association) to be in charge of the 'drug issue' by giving doctors access to these drugs for treatment purposes.

If the FDA reschedules coca, poppy and pot and derivatives, so that doctors have access to these drugs for treatment to addicts, then we will save many innocent lives and be able to make quick progress towards deflating the South American and Afghanistan drug empires.

Also, with the present prohibition we are dooming our civilization by empowering Drug Lords like Arab Kings. The Drug War funnels money to the underworld and is the funding mechanism for major terrorism and rogue government leaders.

Our confused policies have been a cancer on all of the Americas for decades. We must change, Philip Seymour Hoffman could be alive today.

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